Why You Should Stop Trying

Apr 1, 2019

 by Matt Johnson

If You’re Just Trying Then The Chances Of You Succeeding Are Zero!

Because Trying Means You Aren’t All In.

Trying implies that there’s still an old behavior or life to fall back on.

If you say, “I am trying” you are programming yourself to stay the same and that you’re unwilling change.

There’s power in the two words I AM.

What you repeatedly tell yourself of who you are, is who you will show up as.

I am trying to be healthy means you are unhealthy.

I am trying to live my purposes means you aren’t living your purpose.

I am trying to have a better relationship means you don’t have a good relationship.

I am trying to make more money means you don’t have money.

You will show up as the person that creates what you don’t want.

Be a person who says...

I am healthy and takes care of my physical mental and emotional health.

I am living my purpose today.

I am someone who creates the best relationships.

I am producing a lot of money today.

There’s a significant change and power when you remove trying to justDOING.


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