May 31, 2017




May 31, 2017


Matt Johnson NASM CPT, PES



What type of program are you REALLY on?

How to tell the difference and why you should be 

concerned about weight loss programs


Earlier this week I showed a picture of one my clients before and afters, (which can be seen here) in this transformation my client has had what some may consider a drastic transformation. 


One of the responses I got from a viewer was… HOW is that possible? 

Which is a typical response I get from not just those who see my clients transformations but also from my clients themselves. 


My response is always the same which is, because I focus on fat loss NOT weight loss. 


You, like the majority of people out there, are probably very familiar with weight loss programs. They are a dime a dozen! It seems as though a new one comes out every year. Each one “claiming” to be the NEW, IMPROVED, and the BEST the fitness industry has to offer. It never fails as I watch each one of my friends on social media declare that they’ve started this new program. 


I know this may be a little upsetting to you, which IT SHOULD BE! Why? Because you and I both know that none of these new diets have really turned out to be what they claim to be for you. 




You see, what I know is that you don’t want to lose weight… 


What you actually want to lose is… FAT! 


I mean think of it this way, if you REALLY only wanted to lose weight and you and I were to meet, then I had you step on my scale, and then step off, take off your shoes and coat having you step back on the scale to see your “Weight” go down. What would you think or say to me at your trainer? Because technically I gave you EXACTLY what you said you wanted right?


I really want to address this topic to you in hopes to shed some light on the fitness industry and these NEW IMPROVED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS. You see, those so called “guru’s" who create these diets understand nutrition, they understand how to get that number on the scale down. 


If you take the majority of diets out there they have extreme approaches, usually cutting away calories, and carbohydrates. It’s either one or the other if not both. 




Well, we already know that in order to lose weight, we must be in a calorie deficit that’s just simple science and no if ands or buts about it. Second is to cut carbs, this has really given carbs a bad rep. Making them seem like the corporate to fat. 


But have you ever asked yourself why you see bodybuilders eat carbs and yet still get completely SHREDDED?! 


This is something you should really consider. Why are they looking the way they are, but yet it seems as though no matter what you do, you can’t get the same results? 


Here’s why... It’s time to pull the curtain from these diets, to expose them, and for you to really understand what’s happening!


When you pull carbs from your diet, what happens is you begin to deplete your glycogen storages. Glycogen is essentially energy stored within your muscles. When you eat a starchy carb, it is broken down into glucose and then goes through a process called glycogenesis and then converted into glycogen. Glycogen is 3 parts or 4 parts water, which means that when you deplete yourself from it essentially you’ve lost water. 



So, when you go longer periods of time without carbs you completely deplete yourself from glycogen. This is when you start to be impatient with others, you get foggy headed (I call it ditsy brain) and become very fatigued especially during your workouts. This is where the “cheat day” became a thing. 


The infamous cheat day is a method that bodybuilders do use when preparing for a competition. We deplete ourselves and then we have what people think is a cheat meal, but for us it’s really a re-feed. This is actually to help from going into a catabolic state. Now you may be asking, if they do it why can’t I?


The difference is that bodybuilders DO NOT doing this year round. We don’t stay in a depleting state year round because we understand our bodies can’t function for long periods of time doing this. Among other things, if you don’t really understand how to manipulate your nutrition to get the results you want, it can be dangerous to your long term health. 




When you look at the difference between someone who is on a weight loss program compared to someone who is one fat loss, there is ONE thing that is VERY apparent which is…




Anyone who is on a long term weight loss program will start looking more of what I call the deflated balloon. How they look doesn’t change very fast, it could take YEARS for them to start looking different. When you focus on weight loss programing and extreme dieting, what happens is as soon as you go back to your old habits and lifestyle, you gain ALL of that weight back if not more. Because your metabolism has essentially slowed down and can no longer process the high carb, high calorie, and high fat foods that you start eating. 

Fat loss on the other hand is completely opposite. When you lose fat you can SEE the transformation almost weekly! 




Because fat is what is on top of your muscle. So if you are losing fat, then it will be the first thing you see go. Fat holds more volume also, whereas muscle is much more dense. The ULTIMATE goal to any really fat loss program should be to burn fat and keep as much muscle as possible. 



When you start to do this, you will see MORE definition. It feels as though your skin is getting tighter around you. You feel more solid. You may start flexing a little more because you see your muscle shape coming through.

 THIS is why when people see my clients transformations and they see how drastic they are, this is what is really going on. Over the last 10 years of my life helping men and women transform their bodies, I’ve learned that most people fall for these new and improved fad diets. These have only cause more confusion for you and left you with more weight loss, but yet still just as much fat as when you started. 


Cues to look for to know you are burning fat and not just losing weight:

*Scale does go down but only 1-3 LBS a week

*Circumference measurements change weekly

*You see changes week

*Nutrition is balanced between the amount of calories, carbs, fats and proteins


These are really what you should be looking for when it comes to you and your results. You can transform faster than you think, but it does take a smart and realistic approach to it. 


Remember the infamous story about the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady does win the race when it comes to fat loss. Because an average of 2 LBS of fat per week will add up very quickly! If you do the math in just 12 weeks that comes out to be 24 LBS of fat! And over a year that becomes…


...96 LBS OF FAT!


In 1 year that could mean a LIFE CHANGING experience! 




I would love to help you achieve your fitness goals NO MATTER WHAT THEY MAY BE! 


So if you would like to see how we can help you…




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