"Matt I Have A Sweet Tooth And Crave Sugar!"

Mar 28, 2019

 by Matt Johnson

"Matt I Have A Sweet Tooth And Crave Sugar!"

I get this a lot from clients when they first talk to me about putting a nutrition plan together.

But the truth is, what you have is irregular blood sugar levels.

You take them through a rollercoaster ride through out the day which is causing your body to crave sugar (fast acting) to help get your blood sugar levels back up.

This isn't just the perfect formula for storing fat, but it also creates a lot of stress on your body and creates a lot of inflammation.

This is why so many people are "addicted" to sweet and also have so many issues with their endocrine system.

Think of it this way, your body is on constant OVERDRIVE!

This is why even when you "eat healthy" it still happens to you.

Unless you understand nutrition, you'll continue to put your body through this cycle, and the more you put it through the more likely you are to create sensitives.

Learning to balance your blood sugars through nutrition and stress management will dramatically change your health!

Also, prevent you from serious sickness and diseases later on.

When I create meal plans for my clients, my first goal is to create a meal plan that begins to create regular blood sugar levels, and that is why clients within the first couple of days of starting feel like they have so much MORE ENERGY!

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