Don't Let The Numbers Create Failure

Mar 25, 2019

 by Matt Johnson
Let’s talk about getting discouraged while working towards your fitness goals.
Because when it comes your fitness goals there are so many things that can discourage you, whether it be the number on the scale, the measurements or lack of progress you see in the mirror, or just not hitting your goal completely.
We’ve all been there and experienced it.
But, there's one thing you really want to avoid when it comes to these setbacks and discouragements, because that minor setback in your fitness goal can become something much bigger if you allow it and it may begin to haunt you forever!
What is it?
It’s letting your discouragements become FAILURES
One of the fastest ways to really create setbacks to ever achieving your fitness goals is to tell yourself that you’ve failed.
Rather than telling yourself that you've failed, a better mindset to adapt, is that those setbacks are simply feedback.
Feedback that is telling you whether something is or isn’t working.
The more you can adopt this mindset the less discouraged you’ll become when you see those numbers or if coming up short on your goals happen.
It's important to understand that all of this is just apart of your journey, if everyone could have zero setbacks in this journey, it would really take away from how rewarding setting and achieving your goals really is.
The more feedback you can create the more chances of success you’ll have, because by you avoiding doing the same things over and over again that don’t produce the results you want.
Which is in turn complete insanity, doing the same thing over and over again never getting anywhere different.
This is one of the most valuable things we provide for our clients when they work with us.
Because we are able to take our clients feedback from the scale, measurements, or our DEXA scan and quickly catch the things that aren’t working to help change what they are doing before they continue to do something that isn’t working.
So, are you done getting discouraged with your setbacks and letting your setbacks become failures?
Done putting in a lot of work in only to end back where you started or just coming up short?
Come let us show you how we are helping our clients more and more understand their body and how to achieve their fitness goals more efficiently and not let the setbacks.
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